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Introducing the ultimate Logistics Management Solution 
for the Small to Mid-size company. 

Schock Solutions, Inc. will provide your company with a top level, highly experienced Logistics Manager for a fraction of the cost of hiring for this position .

This will benefit your company by:
  • Saving you thousands of dollars in salary and benefit costs. A Logistics Manager with the experience Schock Solutions offers commands a salary that is upwards of $90,000 or more per year. With Schock Solutions, Inc. you will pay literally a fraction of that amount.
  • Leveraging the tools of your logistics provider to ensure you are getting top level service for the money that you spend.
  • Increasing employee productivity through established and simple logistics procedures
  • Ensuring the delivery of the product on which you have spent a good deal of effort is a satisfactory experience.
  • Happy and repeating customers

If your business relies on a relationship with a logistics provider to deliver goods so that your product gets to your customers, and you are leaving the management of this relationship to your shipping or receiving clerk, then absolutely you must consider Schock Solutions, Inc.