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Schock Solutions, Inc.
Is owned and operated by Brad Schock

Brad has over fifteen years in the transportation field, including extensive experience in all aspects of International transportation. From Document Messenger, to the running of a North American top ten branch of a major international freight forwarder, to being the Global Account Manager for a multi-million dollar account.

Brad has set up forward location distribution centers in Asia and Europe. He has cleared customs entries. He has worked with clients on shortening their inventory to cash cycle times through systems and process enhancements. He has written training manuals, worked through quality initiatives, established sales and marketing programs, and has worked through the creation of benchmarks for service with a multitude of freight carriers and clients. All to ensure complete satisfaction for the price being paid. Most recently he was key in the development of an on-line software solution that comprehensively communicates shipment status to all those who have a need to know. Brad is a licensed Customs Broker and is IATA/FIATA certified.