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Client Successes   

A medical supply company in Seattle manufactures and then rents a device for the practical teaching of traumatic surgical procedures. Their primary customers are hospitals and paramedic training centers.  A few of the logistics issues identified that had an adverse affect were:

  1. Rented product requires round trip management
    - Two waybills per shipment
    - Reliance on the user of the product to follow return instructions
    - Tracking and Monitoring of product delivery and subsequent product pick-up
    - Special labeling procedures
  2. High costs due to inflexible carrier service levels
  3. Lack of attention by the carrier due to small size of the account
  4. Growth of company in combination with inefficiencies in current logistics process resulted in need to budget for increased staff levels.
  5. Inefficient payables reconciliation with the carrier

Schock Solutions made recommendations that addressed these and other current issues, plus provided a roadmap for handling future growth.  Upon acceptance of many of the recommendations a process was then initiated to determine and hire a logistics company whose style and capabilities best matched the needs of the client. 

Without deviating from their current process, but through a greater reliance on their logistics provider as a partner, this client cut 40% off their monthly transportation bill, implemented a billing process that reduced payment procedures from three hours to twenty minutes, and cut the need for at least one employee out of their budget.  Additionally with the logistics roles and responsibilities clearly defined and benchmarks for service in place, the clients customers are happy because they no longer have to worry about the logistics aspect of the product.

Schock Solutions provided a simple, efficient solution that will save this client a minimum of $60,000 in just the first year of this plan.  Additionally this process is portable, so as the client implements their sales efforts on a global basis, the cost of logistics implementation is minimal, resulting in a larger return of revenue.