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Schock Solutions, Inc. provides the following services in one low cost package

  1. Logistics needs assessment based on a full review of current business objectives
    • Level of service requirements
    • Communication requirements.
    • Current and Historical status information requirements.
    • Inventory positioning and flow.
  2. Logistics provider assessment to ensure the needs of your company as determined are being met by your current logistics partner.
  3. Creation of a company overview and statement of logistics desires for distribution to the logistics partner or potential logistics partner.
  4. Interviewing current or potential logistics providers and recommending as to the fit with your company.
  5. Finalizing the choice of your logistics provider as the best fit for your company.
  6. Establishment of measurable service benchmarks with the logistics provider.
  7. Regular management review of chosen logistics provider to ensure benchmarks are being met.
  8. Ongoing review of the services and tools available from your logistics providers to ensure you are getting the most for your money.
  9. Establishing logistics practices within your company that fully utilize the tools of your logistics partner.
  10. Ongoing review of established logistics processes as they relate to the company business plan and objectives.
  11. Major issue resolution for cases such as lost or damaged freight.
  12. And more!